Little Wars FM

Miniwargaming: A YouTube Trailblazer

December 17, 2020

Today on Little Wars FM Greg interviews Matthew from Miniwargaming, one of the oldest and largest miniature tabletop gaming channels on YouTube. Back in 2007 when Matthew and Dave started their channel, YouTube was in its infancy and their decision to build a professional business around video content for wargaming was a huge leap of faith. Over a decade later, they've grown exponentially and blazed a path for all the tabletop channels that followed in their steps, including our own channel, Little Wars TV. Matthew joins us to talk about the early challenges of Miniwargaming, what life is like as a full time content creator in 2020, and what opportunities are still ahead in the years to come. If you've ever considered making YouTube videos on your own--or you want a peek behind the curtain of a major channel's operations--this is a can't miss episode! And for a closer look at what the team at Miniwargaming is doing these days, be sure to visit them at http://www.miniwargaming.comĀ 

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