Little Wars FM

Board Game Design with Volko Ruhnke

March 26, 2021

This week on Little Wars FM, Tom and Greg sit down with legendary game designer Volko Ruhnke. Published by GMT Games, his innovative COIN series includes popular titles Fire in the Lake, Andean Abyss, and many more. We talk about inspiration for new project, his rule design process, and what he's working on next. Then we ask Volko to look into his crystal ball and forecast future trends in board gaming. Finally, we brainstorm ways to promote more crossover between the miniature gaming and board gaming wings of the tabletop hobby. It's a fascinating, in-depth discussion and we want to thank Volko Ruhnke for joining us on the show! To learn more about his games, you can visit GMT Games at and you can follow Volko on Twitter @Volko26!   

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